Thursday 1 March 2012

Introducing Bill Phillips

In our occasional series of ‘get to know the staff’ today we are meeting Bill Phillips. 

Bill is on the right!

Bill is almost part of the fabric of the school - teaching at LSI since 1994, always with a smile on his face. He is known (and loved) as much for his trademark bow ties as his catch phrases for example ‘You are like a mother to me’! Originally Bill worked in the Immigration Service, but decided to teach English because of his love of language.  You can often find Bill, along with a few other ‘grammarians’ in the staff room, discussing / disagreeing (usually disagreeing) about the correct usage of a piece of language. 

Bill has a special place in his heart for Italy, having lived and studied there when he was younger and can often be heard singing Italian songs as he walks up the stairs. 
Having taught for such a long time, we asked Bill what guidance he would give to someone thinking about going into teaching  “Don’t even think of doing this job unless you like people” he said, which from someone who ‘loves communicating with a smile’ seems like a very salient piece of advice.

The rest of the teachers in the staff room are always grateful for Bill’s little ‘giveaways’ which are often found left on the side for them in the mornings - plants and seedlings he has grown or little treats and snacks he brings in.

Bill loves walking, when he’s not in the school he’s generally on a rambling holiday somewhere in the UK.

Scoop:  Bill was a Catholic monk for 9 years, in England and Italy, until the age of 28 “When I was not yet bald!”