Friday 25 October 2013


As Autumn gets into full flow, LSI Portsmouth was delighted to welcome a group of TEN (The English Network) agents, as they arrived in Portsmouth as part of their tour of all the TEN schools in England.  We had a wonderful time showing friends old and new what Portsmouth and LSI has to offer, as well as showing off all the improvements that have been brought in recently at LSI.  It has to be said the pleasure was all ours as this was such a lovely friendly group of people.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Beautiful New Executive Brochure 2014 Available Now

Our marketing department have been working their socks off to get our new 2014 Executive school brochure ready.  It has to be said, this year's brochure is absolutely gorgeous.
The staff and students spent a few days recently feeling like stars, with a wonderful professional photographer who arrived with all his equipment for the shots. Life continued as usual, classes happened, coffee breaks were taken, lunch was eaten and socialising went ahead as normal, the only difference being that a professional photographer; Peter Langdown was following with his lighting, tripods and equipment and his incredibly expensive camera. It was easy to imagine being a star being followed by the Paparazzi. Everyone involved in the shooting enjoyed the experience immensely.

Then came the job of updating and editing the text, which was no small feat, too many stunning photos, but eventually this beauty was born.
This was one of Allan Gray, Senior Marketing Consultant's last projects before finally leaving LSI. If you look closely at the last page shown here (page 9) you can see him in discussion with a student over a glass of wine - not a surprise to anyone who knows him ;-). Along with Emma Hoyle's amazing organisational skills this has resulted in being by far the most beautiful brochure we have produced to date.
You can download your copy here:
2014 Executive English Brochure

Monday 14 October 2013

Those Summer Nights....

2013 saw LSI Portsmouth break all records in numbers of students at the school, which in turn meant record numbers of teachers working.  So what better way to say goodbye to a thoroughly enjoyable yet a little exhausting summer than to have our traditional End of Summer Party?
It was great to see faces old and new, enjoy some wonderful food (organised by Hannah) and be fortified with liquid refreshment to help wash it all down. If there was one thing missing it was someone taking photos!  Everyone was enjoying themselves too much to get the cameras out and so all we have are the few pictures here - kindly donated by Angel.  I'm sure you can only agree that it looks like everyone is having a thoroughly fabulous time!  (The photos give the impression that only about ten people attended - this most definitely wasn't the case - there just isn't any evidence to say otherwise!)

From left: Lisa Li, Najat, Andrew, Angel and Peter

From left: Angel, Lisa Li, Ouddy, Karen and Najat

Najat and Peter (Looking a lot more relaxed now!)

Najat, Peter, Angel and Lisa Li

In the background you can just make out: Ed, Cliff, Marion, Gordon, Ceri and Shelton
in the front: Lisa Li, Ouddy, Karen, Najat, Antonio.

The evening was held in the lovely old Bridge Tavern in Old Portsmouth, a wonderfully historic pub brimming with character.  

Friday 4 October 2013

End of Another Era - Cristina has Gone!

Thursday 26th September was a very sad day for LSI and all the staff and students who have known and loved Cristina Purcell for the last 9 years.  Over the last 5 years Cris has gone from being manager of our Saudi Ladies course to being the Pre-Sessional Course Manager.  With the very high numbers of pre-sessional courses that have been running for the last couple of years here, Cris has done a heroic job.  She has managed to keep all the students and teachers on course, as well as being a really good friend to so many here.  The high point of Monday morning during the summer has been Cristina's  cakes, each Monday a new batch of delicious goodies would appear to have with a cuppa (gosh we will miss those).  Cris is one of those people with so many hobbies and interests that she has never had a spare moment, until now.  She is leaving us to go and live in the country in Wales, where she can now spend her time doing what she really wants without being disturbed.