Rooftop Interviews

LSI Portsmouth has some of the best views in Portsmouth. We get a different perspective from each of the 9 stories, but obviously the best is from the rooftop!  We have incorporated this with some fantastic interviews between students, teachers and staff and bring you:
Rooftop Interviews!

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Amelia talks to two of our lovely Arabic students
about the differences between their culture and English culture.

Bilingual Teachers On the Roof!

Belle tells us how going on the social activities 
helps to improve your English!

Our Study centre has been completely 
refurbished, Becky explains what is 
available and how we can help students 
with their studies.

 Our Lovely Bill left after 20 years!  
He talks about his time at LSI

Alan and Arif discuss the differences between 
traditional English and Bangladeshi weddings.

Listen to Roy and John talk about football, 
Korea and learning English.

In this video we see Hanna with Raquel a student from Spain, 
who talks about her unique experience at LSI as a blind student.

Matt and Wesley discuss visiting 
England, Brazil and Portsmouth.

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