Friday 26 September 2014

Justine and Constanze Leave Today

At LSI Portsmouth we regularly have interns around to help us, and for them to improve their English and gain experience in an English working environment.  We have been so lucky to have had some absolutely delightful interns with us. Two of these, Justine Rehel and Constanze Karl, have been with us for the last few months and leave us today.  Before they leave we asked them some questions about their time here and their thoughts on Portsmouth.

Constanze (left) and Justine
Firstly we talk to Constanze;

Where do you come from?
How long have you been here at LSI?
Two months
Why did you come to Portsmouth?
Because I had to do an internship in an English speaking country for university.  As I’ve only heard good things about the South of England, I decided to come here.
What do you do back home? (study / work) and do you have any hobbies?
I study English and Spanish at University and work part time at Siemens.  In my free time I like to meet with friends, read good books, play the piano and travel.
What do you like about Portsmouth
Portsmouth is a great place as it is quite small, so it feels like home very quickly.  Also, having a drink next to the sea is great, especially because the weather has been great – way better than I had imagined before I came here.
What have you been doing while you have been here?
I did quite a few weekend trips with school.  Apart from that I liked to go out for dinner (Portsmouth has many great restaurants) with my house-mates or go jogging at the seaside.
What will you do when you leave / go back home?
I will finish my studies and spend as much time with my friends and family as possible.  And I can’t wait to have a German breakfast! ;-)
Goals for the future?
Be an awesome teacher ;-) Maybe do an extra qualification for teaching German.

Next up is Justine;
Where do you come from?
How long have you been here at LSI?
Almost 5 months.
Why did you come to Portsmouth?
I had to do an internship for my studies and as I’m studying Foreign Languages at the University I decided to apply for internships in England.  Then I met someone who did her internship at LSI so I decided to apply here.
What do you do back home? (study / work) and do you have any hobbies?
In my free time I like to meet my friends, go out, go to the cinema, travel and spend time with my family.
What do you like about Portsmouth
Portsmouth is a really nice place to live.  The city is big enough to do a lot of things (having a drink, go to the theatre, the sea etc) but it is also small enough to feel like home and get to meet and know a lot of people.
What have you been doing while you have been here?
I have been trying thousands of restaurants ;-) go to the beach, Gunwharf and travelling around Portsmouth (and Bristol, Winchester, London, the New Forest…)
What will you do when you leave / go back home?
I will continue my studies, finish my degree in Germany, then do my Masters, may in England.  But first I will enjoy my small vacation in France with my family, my friends and FRENCH FOOD!
Goals for the future?
Get a job that I will love and settle down in a place that I like but before, travel as much as I can.

Thank you LSI for this amazing experience!

Thank you ladies, we really appreciate all your help and wish you all the best in whatever you do.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Great new Quick Tip Using Social Media

Our latest quick tip is from Ed - how using Social Media can help with writing ;-)

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Friday 19 September 2014

Congratulations to all our Pre-sessional leavers !!!!

On the 5th September 199 students from 17 classes who had been studying on our
Pre-sessional courses finally came to the end of their course.  We took a little video of them and it is quite clear the relief they had at finally finishing.  You may also see the relief on the teachers faces, as they had also worked so hard to help all the students.  Course manager Robyn and Logistics co -ordinator Ed also did a fantastic job of organising everything.
We would like to wish all the students all the very very best in whatever they do, and thank all the teachers for their amazing work.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Wow - Look how much we raised - and what fun we had!

At the start of August we wrote saying we were supporting a wonderful ex student of ours - Max ( Massimilano Fanni Canelles) with his fantastic charity; @uxilia.  

See here: 

Throughout August we have promoted his charity in different ways.  As it is the Summer, we always have a student party and we aimed to raise the profile of the charity at this party as well as making sure everyone had a fantastically good time.  Below are a selection of photos and at the bottom of the page is how much all the lovely students and teachers managed to raise.

I think it is quite obvious from the photos above what a fabulous party it was with everyone enjoying themselves, made even better by the DJ teachers Hugo, Adam and Tom.

We are delighted that we raised £500 for the charity 

On a side note, as mentioned above and in the previous article, Maggie Paton, the lady of the home-stay where Max originally stayed was also swept up in Max's enthusiasm and will be going out to Sri Lanka with Max to help.  Over the Summer she has raised approximately £2500, which means @uxilia will now have £3000 towards building a new school.

Friday 5 September 2014

I do love to be beside the seaside!

Portsmouth has a lovely coastline - it may not be sandy but it is lively and interesting ;-)  Here are a  few pictures of our lovely shoreline.