Monday 4 August 2014

A Knight in Shining Armour

A few months ago, a human bundle of energy arrived at LSI Portsmouth for an Executive course.  Massimilano Fanni Canelles!  Max was extraordinary, he just didn't stop.  It very quickly became clear who this man was, and what his passion was.  He is an Italian doctor who runs a non profit organisation that gives aid in war torn countries.  He is so passionate about his organisation, that he spreads this to all those who come into contact.  In fact his home stay (Maggie Paton) is going out to Sri Lanka with him to help in September.

At LSI Portsmouth, we were so impressed with what he does that we are giving over August to his organisation.  The social events we are holding throughout August will try to raise money to go towards the fantastic work.   

Max took a few minutes to introduce himself to readers of the blog::

'My name is Max and I come from Italy. I am learning English because it is important for any business or activity. English is the international language.  I came to Portsmouth because it is a beautiful city where you can experience the real English culture and have good relationships with wonderful people.  

Back in Italy I am a doctor and professor and president of a non government organization that brings aid around the world.'

He was kind enough to leave us with a lot of information and some pictures about his organisation @uxilia.

@uxilia was founded in 2003, an Italian non-profit organization that carries out voluntary activities.  @uxilia dreams of a world where everyone has rights and opportunities.
They work in developing countries and in Italy. Their goal is to create durable and sustainable solutions to end the vicious cycle of poverty and injustice.

They focus their energies on health care, welfare, education, training, micro credit, emergencies, advocacy and the promotion of human rights.

Max here with friends and with Maggie - his homestay.

The following links give more information about his organisation:

This video gives a clear picture of what they are trying to achieve.

We hope anyone reading this will help us support Max with his excellent work.

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