Meet the Marketing Team

Meet our marketing team!  As you can see, below are our lovely marketing team with their related territories so you know who to speak to. If you have any questions, want any information or would like to discuss anything, please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Andrew Edwards
Principal and Overall Marketing Director

Rosie Ford
Territories: Czech Republic, 
Slovak Republic, Serbia, 
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, 
Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, 
Bulgaria, Spain, Holland

Angela Iesse 

Territories: Switzerland, Italy, 
Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, 
Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Brazil, 
Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile

Emma Hoyle

Territories: France, Germany,
Belgium, Korea, Japan, Russia, 
Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, 
Poland, Austria, Hungary, 
Romania, Algeria, Morocco

Rita Fu

Territories: China, Hong Kong, 
Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

Veronica De Carlo

Territories: Venezuela