Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Ensure you Choose the Best Business English Course for You

Easy Ways To Choose 

The Best Business English Course 

We all know that there are so many Business English courses to choose from out there but how do you know that you are getting the best course available? Here are some ways to help you differentiate.

The first point is to make sure that the language school specialises in corporate English training. This means that you will be with professionals from different companies and countries who are your contemporaries. A good sign is to ask for a list of their clients and see how many names you recognise.

Another key to a successful business English course is that it is adapted to your professional needs. As an example, if you are a project manager who needs English for managing international teams, you will need English for meetings, English for presentations or English for negotiations; you will need exposures to different accents; you will need the intercultural awareness and soft skills to manage these international teams effectively. By analysing your needs before the business English course starts, and then during it and being able to react quickly and flexibly to those needs, the course will be adapted to your corporate English needs.

A company is only as good as its employees so look at the business English trainers at the centre: they should not just have teaching qualifications but real experience in the business world. A good corporate English trainer can put your language practice in contexts that you will recognise from your job – and this will make your course far more effective.

Finally, ask your friends, colleagues and HR personnel – have they done a business English course? What did they think was effective? A personal recommendation is worth its weight in gold, as we would say in English ;-) At LSI Portsmouth, we are happy to welcome many students who have been recommended to us as well as to welcome so many friends of friends; this creates a very unique atmosphere, professional but warm.

LSI Portsmouth is happy to provide potential clients with references from some of the biggest companies in the world who have chosen us as their preferred supplier for business English courses. They have chosen us because our experience in corporate English training over more than 30 years have made us one of the market leaders. Come and see why 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Our Fame has Spread - Portsmouth is well and truly on the Map

We were recently contacted by the company that made the video below because they loved some of the clips in our Portsmouth - A Day in Four Minutes video and wanted permission to use them.
The video they have made is to promote Portsmouth as a destination by Heart Radio and British Rail.
For fun; watch the first clip and then watch our video and see how many clips they have used from our video (there are quite a lot).

Video from Heart Radio and British Rail

Video from LSI Portsmouth

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Why Our Students Love LSI Portsmouth

We asked our students what they thought of LSI Portsmouth and why they come here - and it sounds like they don't like LSI Portsmouth - they LOVE it! Do have a watch, it's really lovely.  

Thanks to both Melinda and Nicole who helped with the filming.
Look our for our next one about why students love Portsmouth.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Our Brand New Social Hub - the Place to be!

Welcome to our new Social Hub!

Until very recently Belle, our Social Programme Organiser, had her office on the third floor next to the Study Centre. It was good for our students, but we couldn’t help feeling that she might be better in the Student Lounge.

The Student Lounge is the busiest and liveliest area of the school. You can find a pool table, tennis table, piano, television and dining area. Most of our students spend their coffee breaks and lunch time there, talking to each other, enjoying a coffee or lunch and signing up to social activities.

We thought that Belle should be there too, so she can always be available for the students. In her new office you can come and pay for weekend trips, get help booking your own excursions or just come in for a friendly chat and a cup of tea. We call this area ‘The Social Hub’!

In the new Social Hub you can also find Nati and Diane, who are available to help the students with accommodation issues and anything to do with their homestay. It’s a very useful space and is always busy! There is also a small meeting area, if students need to discuss plans or itineraries with Belle and the office is too crowded. It’s a really nice area to relax with a cup of tea and listen to some music!

All the students have commented on how great the new social space is! We think it’s fantastic too, and we know that Belle, Diane and Nati are extremely happy in their new home!! 

We think the new Social Hub makes it easy for students to ask questions, sign up for more activities, and feel more relaxed and comfortable, what do you think?

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

8 Easy Ways To Improve English Speaking Without Even Thinking About It

How to Improve English Speaking

You are learning English, and you know it will help you in the future when you study or travel, possibly even if you plan to go to university or get a job. Many people however, do not realise how much effort is required to master a language.

It is not difficult to learn the basics of English quite quickly, but how to actually improve your English speaking does take some effort or at the very least some ingenuity.

Learning a language can either be a dull activity or a fun activity, and it isn’t always easy to know how to improve English speaking.

When you attend an English course to learn English in England, It is very easy just to go to school, come home and do your homework and then speak to your friends in your own language, you can put your ‘language learning’ away for the night. What you need are creative ideas which incorporate the language into your everyday life.

We asked our teachers for some ideas of how you could continue to improve your English speaking while you are studying in England or when you go back home. Of course the most obvious one is to use every opportunity you can find to speak English when you are at school; with your classmates, in class, during practices and during the breaks, but have a look at the following ideas and see if these can help you.

1. English conversation groups are always a great opportunity to practice your speaking. LSI Portsmouth runs a group every Tuesday after school in a local cafĂ©. But if your school doesn’t have a group, why not start one yourself? Or if you would prefer to go to one that is already established, have a look in shop windows for notices, or in the local library, they often advertise there. In your own country try and find some other people who are also trying to improve their English, and start your own little group. It really doesn’t matter about level that is the wonderful thing, everyone can join in.

2. Ted Talks are a great way of improving your listening skills. But not only that, because you can see the tape script, you can also practice repeating what the speaker says. We recommend you find a talk with a subject that interests you. Before you click the link, try and imagine the language that will come up. Click open the tape script tab. Look through for any new vocabulary, and then go back and listen to the talk. Another fun exercise is to then try and read aloud the script at the same speed and time as the speaker.

Matt the teacher recently did a little video explaining how to use TED talks to help with your English.
For more TED

(to see more tips from our teachers click this link )

3. Keep a diary. It is only for you, no-one else ever has to read it, but keep it in English. You will be amazed when you look back, many month from now, how much your English has improved. Try and record yourself reading from your diary (maybe on your phone) and see if your pronunciation is the same as you imagine.

4. Send Postcards. Try and make sure you have the address of some English speaking people. Your host family possibly, definitely the school you have been studying in, some of your classmates? When you leave make sure you send them postcards! Everyone sends emails now, or posts on Facebook, so it is quite unusual to receive a postcard. Maybe before you write your postcard, try saying aloud what you plan to write.

5. Shopping Lists. Shopping lists are always a good idea, they stop you spending money on things you hadn’t planned to buy ;-) Try writing your shopping lists in English, this will show you where some of your missing vocabulary is.

6. English Forums. There are so many places online that have forums. Try ‘Groups’ on Facebook. Find a subject that interests you and join the group and then try and post your opinions in English. Don’t be surprised if you have to start defending your idea, but that will help you build your argument – never a bad thing.

7. Leave Comments. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram etc all of these are called ‘social’ media because you are supposed to interact with them. Try and leave an English comment somewhere at least once a day.

8. Watch films. Another great way to improve your English speaking; If you have Netflix or similar, you can turn on the subtitles. Why not try and be one of the characters, and read aloud their part, maybe get a friend to read another characters part? It is not easy and you have to be very fast, but it is fun and it will speed up your reading and speaking.

English speaking takes a lot of practice to get your mouth to move in the right way quick enough, so make sure you use some of these tips to give yourself the best chance of getting better.