Monday 25 February 2013

How to Raise Cash And Have a Good Time?

If walking down the outside of a building 350 ft up is your idea of fun - this could be just the thing for you? Abseil for charity!

LSI has such a diverse group of talented and generous people. Many are also regularly doing charitable activities for good causes.  The latest madness on the horizon is from Hannah and Angela (Hannah Youell and Angela Evans are both in the Marketing department - click here to meet them).

We caught up with Angela who told us a little more;

"Hannah and I decided to take on this challenge after we were approached by Shannon Walsh from the Stroke Association who was looking for local volunteers to do the abseil to help fundraise. We both have people in our lives that have been affected by stroke and thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to take on a challenge whilst raising money for an extremely worthwhile charity. Every year around 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke and the Stroke Association offers emotional, practical and financial support to those affected.

We’re really looking forward to the abseil on 23rd March (Hannah’s birthday!) and really appreciate all the support we’re receiving!"

See this very short clip from a previous fund raiser to get some perspective on the challenge ( click here)

The Stroke Association - more information on the event

If you would like to see how much they have raised so far click this link. Justgiving

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tweet Tweet Tweet

We now have a Twitter account.  We're following all the cool people to follow (or at least a lot of them)  to keep up with the news around Portsmouth, from many of the Universities as well as publishers and English as a foreign language sites and blogs.  We'd love you to follow us - and keep in touch.

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See you there!

Monday 18 February 2013

Off to Wembley

Last week John (Hicks) one of our teachers, went to Wembley with some of our footy loving students to watch England play a friendly game against Brazil.  If you'd like to read more about the game (by someone who really knows how to write up a football game) have a look at the official Wembley site link here.

What can be said is; the students had a fabulous time, made even better by the fact that the home team won (that certainly pleased the teacher ;-).  The students took lots and lots of photos of the match at the world renowned stadium which can be seen below.

Monday 11 February 2013

Announcing LSI Job Club

From February (this coming Friday 15th Feb), LSI is delighted to announce that there will be a 'Job Club' clinic every other Friday afternoon at school.  This is for students who would like help looking for work in their own country and for those eligible who would like to work in the UK.  There will be help available for CV's, interview techniques, in fact any help or advice you need.  

This is the ideal opportunity to have your CV checked by a teacher, get advice on the correct vocabulary and terminology to use, how to ask questions at an interview.

This is for all LSI students, to help with the challenge of finding a job.  The only requirement is that you sign your name on the Job Board before Friday.

Hope to see you there.
If you have any questions write to us

Saturday 2 February 2013

Our Suzie In the News

From the Portsmouth Evening News
To see original click here

Our lovely Suzie Coates has left for a huge adventure - the Portsmouth Evening News tells the story better than we could so here is the story as reported in last weeks Portsmouth Evening News:

Caring Suzie’s happy to give up time for others

Suzie Coates at a fundraising gig in December. Suzie Coates at a fundraising gig in December.
Inspirational Suzie Coates gets great enjoyment out of helping others.
Now the 38-year-old will use her skills as a teacher trainer to help people give a better education to children living in one of the world’s poorest countries.
Suzie, of Southsea, has given up her job at Language Specialists International, based in Lord Montgomery Way, Southsea, so she can spend a year in Ethiopia.
She will embark on the once-in-a-lifetime trip, which has been arranged through Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), at the beginning of February.
The organisation gives people the chance to work abroad and help those who are less fortunate.
Suzie will spend time with teachers at a training college in Gigel Beles, a village in the north west of the African country.
She will share her ideas about how to get the best out of students and she hopes to learn new things from them too.
As part of the project Suzie has to raise a minimum of £1,500 for VSO.
Suzie has raised part of the cash through a concert at The Registry, in St Michael’s Road, Southsea, which saw performances from The Uncountables, a band made up of her former employees.
Suzie also had a go on some DJ decks.
A bake-off at her old workplace before Christmas also raised £250.
‘I am sure this trip will make me appreciate everything that I have more,’ Suzie explains.
‘I’m feeling nervous about how different the culture will be and the sense of isolation.’
‘The experience will be tough going because Gigel Beles is five hours away from the nearest town and a day away from the capital.
‘The thing that will pull me through is knowing that I am going to make a difference to people’s lives,’ Suzie says.
‘I get a great sense of enjoyment out of doing that.
‘I’ll also keep in touch with my friends over the internet while I’m there.
‘They’ve been extremely supportive about what I am going to do.’
Suzie spent four years at Language Specialists International and prior to that she taught adults abroad in countries such as Egypt, Australia and Hungary.
‘I was in teaching and and teacher training for a long time.
‘I got to a point where I decided I wanted to help people who really needed it,’ she says.
Suzie adds: ‘I just enjoy that line of work.
‘It’s very rewarding and I feel like I’m taking the next logical step.’

Friday 1 February 2013

Meet the Marketing Team

Delighted to announce that we now have a  'Meet the Marketing Team' page.  Click on the link to see who you are speaking to on the phone or writing to by email.  We have all the marketing team here with their territories and contact details and pictures.