Friday 28 March 2014

Happy Students and a Crazy Teacher

We received this lovely note from a student who recently attended LSI Portsmouth, and he gave us permission to publish it here - many thanks Julien!

This is my writing about LSI School :

Me and my colleagues spend very good times in your School ! During one month we have learnt a lot of things about English language of course but also about the different cultures. On this picture we can see beautiful international students. These students come from foreign countries. We learnt English thanks to the teacher (as example John D. who is a very good and crazy teacher !!! ) but thanks to other students. Your school is a school for understand the other!


Thursday 20 March 2014

Brand New Clip Now Available - Fabulous Spelling Tip

Tom's clip is now available on-line - and it's superb - I wish I had thought of it.
Quick tip on how to remember spelling (and we all know English spelling is a horrible thing to deal with).
Check out his video - it's great.
(to watch click the tab above or click here)

Monday 17 March 2014

Cake and Book Sale - in Aid of International Women's Day

Our lovely teachers and students have made us so proud!  One of our teachers,  Becky Elliot, suggested we had a cake sale in aid of charity.  It was decided to organise it to coincide with International Women's Day.  As we also had a lot of books not being used it was decided to add these into the mix and have a book sale.
Very generously, lots of our teachers spent the previous evening baking their cakes and then brought them in for the sale.  As you can see from the pictures, a lot of fun and some delicious goodies were had by all.  So far £261 has been raised, with more money coming in all the time.

Becky (the organiser) and Jenni

Nicky P

Andrew (the principal) with his lollipop ;-)


with music to accompany the sale!

Angela (marketing) getting very excited!

Thursday 13 March 2014

Brand New - Quick Tips to Improve Your English

Launching our new:

 'Quick Tips To Improve Your English' page.  

Our lovely teachers at LSI Portsmouth have put together some of their top tips for improving your English.  

Very quick - about a minute - tips and ideas of how to make your English better; ideas with listening, vocabulary, spelling and more.

Have a look at the tips and don't forget to either follow our blog (on the right) or subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss the new ones that get posted.

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Look at the top bar and you will find our Quick Tips page.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

EnglishUK in Bristol Management Conference 2014 - what a great time we had!

Once a year EnglishUK hold a management conference, the destination changes each year. This year it was held in Bristol, and five of the managers at LSI Portsmouth attended. The programme that was organised was stimulating and thought provoking.  The refreshments were delicious and the venue, The Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, was superb, an added bonus was that we were able to catch up with some old friends.

From left: Lewis Richards (DOS) Lea Brophy (DOS) Leanne Prescott (ADOS) Sue Hodgson (ADOS) and Robyn Brooks (Course Manager)

We met up with some old friends:

colleagues from the TEN group
(From left: Viv - Sue - Nigel) 
Viv Canal the Academic Manager at Excel English Language School in London
 Nigel Paramor the Principal at English in Chester

It was lovely to finally meet Mel from Keltic who we have only ever spoken to on the phone  before and for Lea to see his old friend from Keltic Hugh Butland.

From left: Lea and Hugh

It's always good to see the new books that are available - here are a few Keltic had on show.

And we were so happy to meet up with Russell Hall, who used to work with us here at LSI Portsmouth before moving to Manchester.

From Left: Lea, Robyn, Russell, Leanne and Lewis

The hotel was placed in a perfect spot right next to this green.

And look who we found... We have the same Queen Victoria statue in Portsmouth!

Monday 3 March 2014

Instagram - we are just so Social!

Really excited to announce that we have just launched our Instagram hub - Just click the link on the top right to go and see.

Fingers at the ready - camera - lights - action!

Do come and join us and see what goes on in LSI and Portsmouth.
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Russian into Portsmouth

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming to LSI Portsmouth a group of 35 students and 5 teachers / lecturers from The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Ivanavo State Power University.

The teachers certainly kept us on our toes, their English was so good. As always sharing cultural differences was so interesting and all the LSI teachers who were involved with the Russian students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
We had a little tea party at the end, with some lovely treats prepared by Le Cafe Parisien (next door).