Tuesday 28 October 2014

LSI Portsmouth - Top of the League!

LSI Portsmouth is very proud of its football team, and all those involved with making it the success that it is.  Every week a group of students and teachers meet up and play their hearts out.  The Captain of the team - Roy (from Korea) is not only an excellent and very popular student he is also completely passionate about his football.  In this Rooftop Interview, John talks to Roy about his passion and also hears why Roy thinks learning to play football is like learning a language, as well as which team Roy thinks LSI would be if it was a football team.
This is a fabulous interview - don't miss it!

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Tuesday 21 October 2014

LSI Portsmouth Comes in at the Top!

We are exceptionally proud to see that we have come in at THE TOP for executive teaching in the whole of the United Kingdom, along with the London School of English, as reported in the November edition of the
EL Gazette 'based on an analysis of every single language centre listed in British Council reports as offering business or professional English' for schools with separate facilities for the executive student.

LSI Portsmouth has been running executive courses for 28 years, under the direction of Lea Brophy the Vice Principal / Director of Studies for Executives.  It looks like practice makes perfect!  
Well done Lea and all the exec team, and of course all the supporting staff, a real team effort.

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Thursday 16 October 2014

Latest Quick Tip from our teachers

Here is the latest quick tip from one of our teachers. Luis explains the benefits of newspapers when you are learning English.

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

We are very Social!

Over the last few years, LSI has been getting very sociable - online. 

We thought it would be a good idea to share where we are and who we are talking to.

We are on Face Book, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, and also in a small way on Flickr and Google+.   We would love to see you there!

We use Facebook to connect with students in the school or those who have left. We think it shows the 'fun' side of the school with pictures, videos and updates, and is also used to announce events. 

With Twitter we share small snippets of interesting information either educational, local and school oriented.


Well you're here so you know what we use blogger for. It is like an in-house magazine 
that focusses on the school and the people in it. We hope it shows a more personal side of the school than the website can, so we can convey who we are, the latest changes and updates in the school and focusses on teachers and students alike.

We have only recently started using instagram but we love it!  It's our photo album of Portsmouth and we hope to show what an attractive island Portsmouth is.

When we have things that are animated we show these on YouTube.  At the moment we are showing tips from the teachers on how students can improve their English, but we also have a few fun videos on there as well.

We are on linkedin where we connect with other professionals in the industry.    

Tuesday 7 October 2014

New Rooftop Interview - Raquel's Unique Time Studying at LSI as a Blind Student

Our latest rooftop interview is with Hannah and Raquel.

In this episode of Rooftop Interviews Raquel and Hannah discuss Raquel's experience while studying at LSI; the successes and the challenges that face a student who is visually impaired.  This is Raquel's third time at LSI, she is a complete superstar and has made a real impact on everyone here. 

Alison, Hannah, Eugenio (Raquel's husband) Raquel

Friday 3 October 2014

Japanese Taxi Drivers Get a Lift in their English

Every year, we welcome a group of taxi drivers from MK Taxi  in Japan.  This year, we were lucky enough to have 6 of them study here at LSI – 4 from Kyoto, 1 from Sapporo and 1 from Kobe.  They are all training to be English-speaking drivers and with a little help from LSI Portsmouth, they’ll be driving people around their cities in English!  They have been a joy to have here – their enthusiasm, smiles and warmth – and so popular with teachers and fellow students alike.  They requested to give a little presentation at our Friday leaving ceremony to say thank you to LSI and to tell us about their wonderful cities in Japan.  Thank you, Satoshi, Tatsuhiro, Shigenori, Mutsuhisa, Hisayoshi, Nobutaka.

MK - Most Kind Hearted! ;-)

Thank you and best wishes Satoshi Ebina, Tatsuhiro Fujii, Shigenori Maki, Mutsuhisa Inoue, Hisayoshi Takamoto, Nobutaka Katsura