Friday 4 October 2013

End of Another Era - Cristina has Gone!

Thursday 26th September was a very sad day for LSI and all the staff and students who have known and loved Cristina Purcell for the last 9 years.  Over the last 5 years Cris has gone from being manager of our Saudi Ladies course to being the Pre-Sessional Course Manager.  With the very high numbers of pre-sessional courses that have been running for the last couple of years here, Cris has done a heroic job.  She has managed to keep all the students and teachers on course, as well as being a really good friend to so many here.  The high point of Monday morning during the summer has been Cristina's  cakes, each Monday a new batch of delicious goodies would appear to have with a cuppa (gosh we will miss those).  Cris is one of those people with so many hobbies and interests that she has never had a spare moment, until now.  She is leaving us to go and live in the country in Wales, where she can now spend her time doing what she really wants without being disturbed.

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