Tuesday 22 October 2013

Beautiful New Executive Brochure 2014 Available Now

Our marketing department have been working their socks off to get our new 2014 Executive school brochure ready.  It has to be said, this year's brochure is absolutely gorgeous.
The staff and students spent a few days recently feeling like stars, with a wonderful professional photographer who arrived with all his equipment for the shots. Life continued as usual, classes happened, coffee breaks were taken, lunch was eaten and socialising went ahead as normal, the only difference being that a professional photographer; Peter Langdown was following with his lighting, tripods and equipment and his incredibly expensive camera. It was easy to imagine being a star being followed by the Paparazzi. Everyone involved in the shooting enjoyed the experience immensely.

Then came the job of updating and editing the text, which was no small feat, too many stunning photos, but eventually this beauty was born.
This was one of Allan Gray, Senior Marketing Consultant's last projects before finally leaving LSI. If you look closely at the last page shown here (page 9) you can see him in discussion with a student over a glass of wine - not a surprise to anyone who knows him ;-). Along with Emma Hoyle's amazing organisational skills this has resulted in being by far the most beautiful brochure we have produced to date.
You can download your copy here:
2014 Executive English Brochure

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