Saturday 2 June 2012

New Self-Catering Accommodation Opens

In April, our new year-round LSI self-catering student house was opened for business and has so far proven to be a great success.
While the majority of our students are extremely happy staying in home-stays, there have always been a few students who would like an alternative to the home-stay or hotel accommodation that is on offer. 

Completely renovated and redecorated, close to shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, 8 study bedrooms afford a different style of studying a foreign language away from home.  With two fully equipped kitchens, flat screen wall mounted TV in  the living room, and wifi throughout, this new house has all that the independent adult student could want when staying for a longer period.

As in any house there are rules, which are in place to ensure no neighbours, or students who are staying in the house, are disturbed.  The aim is for the house to be a safe, friendly place to stay while offering the opportunity for real independence.

We caught up with house manager Mama Carolina (at 32 an unlikely Mama, but this is her new nick-name) to find out how things at the house were going.  “When new guests arrive I try and get us all to eat together to get to know each other.  Of course if someone wants to be on their own that is fine too.  What do I like about the place? I can be who and what I want to be - I can be an adult. I LOVE my house”.

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