Tuesday 6 November 2012

Back from the Grind - the Inspection has past!

Two weeks ago, we had our inspection by the ISI . Anyone who has been through an inspection, either by the British Council or the new inspection from the ISI, will have an inkling how much preparation goes into an inspection.

The school first heard they would be inspected (in the last quarter of this year) back in February or so, and since then it has been all systems on red alert, making sure all paperwork was available and that the building was up to scratch. Then in August it was full steam ahead, getting paperwork finalised and it seemed to just about every teacher, manager, director and even cleaner in the school that this was all their life involved.

We have now had our inspection, of course it went well (the update with our results will be published next month), so now we are back in the game of what we do best, teaching and having fun and the blog will now be back on course to be updated regularly.

Watch this space!

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