Friday 12 July 2013

"LSI is the best school you can find, without a doubt!" - can't argue with that!

It's nice to get a student's perspective on what happens here at LSI, so straight from the horses mouth (so to speak) is Manuel's view of LSI and staying in Portsmouth (from an interview with Hannah Youell).

Manuel Fresco de la Frente

Hannah: Tell us a bit about your experience here at LSI Portsmouth;
Manuel: I arrived in Portsmouth without speaking a word of English; I was totally lost!
But from the moment I arrived I've been very happy here and my English started to improve straight away.
The teachers put me in the right level, and I was very happy with all the help they gave me.
The introduction on day one starts you with total cultural and linguistic immersion; you get the chance to speak English all the time with both the students and the teachers. This helps you to improve very quickly.

Hannah: And what about your accommodation?

Manuel: The student house in Victoria Road is amazing! The best place you can stay! Everything is perfect. Comfortable rooms, great beds, enough space for everything. The bathroom is nice, you just have to share it with one other person. The whole house is in perfect condition and there are loads of TV channels! Antonio the House Manager is a friend who I will miss very much.

Hannah: and the location?

Manuel: The house is in the best place in Portsmouth, next to LJR (Little Johnny Russell) and the Fat Fox - the 2 best pubs in town! There are supermarkets really close by, and you can find everything you need to live. Also it’s only about 15 minutes walk from the school.

Hannah: What do you like about living in Portsmouth?

Manuel: Portsmouth - I like it because it has sea, a university environment, amazing parties, friendly people, and there are plenty of supermarkets and shops close to the school and the student house. It’s got a great atmosphere.

Hannah: What did you enjoy about your classes here?

Manuel: I love my teacher Hugo, he’s really funny, we practice a lot of speaking in class, and we study grammar independently, working together with our classmates. The classes are very dynamic, you can learn a lot from your classmates. The mix of cultures is the best, there are people from all over the world and you can start planning your future holidays!

Hannah: Tell me about something you'll never forget about Portsmouth;

Manuel: My best unforgettable experience…… going to Skye Bar on Wednesdays for the club night Pure Culture: amazing R&B music and dancing with friends.

Hannah: Any advice for people who are coming to study here?

Manuel: Come in the summer if you can. This city feels like it would be very cool in the summer. In addition to the sea and live music, barbecues in the park ... wow!! ....
Hannah: Would you recommend LSI Portsmouth to a friend?
Manuel: LSI is the best school you can find, without a doubt! In addition you have access to everything you would ever need to study and live here.

Hannah: And finally, what do you think makes LSI such a special school?
Manuel: It’s a big school but it feels like a family: the teachers talk to you like friends, and they help you with everything, they remember you, always say hi to you around the school and they ask how you are. Just like if it was your family.

Thank you very much Manuel, it was a pleasure to have you studying with us and we’re so happy you had a fantastic time!

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