Wednesday 18 September 2013

Why is Portsmouth in the Daily Newspapers?

This little story has absolutely nothing to do with LSI but is about Portsmouth and a very fun story that is being reported quite a bit in the media.

Andrew Whyte has piqued the attention of many with his photos of a little Lego figure posing all around the city.  At the moment most of his photos are of the seafront, but he is hoping to branch out more around the town and even has days out. He has a project called the 365 project where he aims to take a photo each day in a different location.  What is so cute is that the Lego man has his own little camera, and the photos show him trying to capture photos.

So far it has been reported in the city’s local  blog Teamlocal, the local newspaper the Portsmouth News, in the Daily Mail and even in The Sun.  Legoman has his own facebook page called Legography which has over a thousand followers.

If you'd like to see some lovely images of Portsmouth, do click on the links above as there are some stunning images, and what is even more impressive is that they are all taken on an iphone!
 If you'd like to follow him, do go to his facebook page

Do you know of any other strange / interesting things in Portsmouth?
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