Friday 29 November 2013

Poetry to Soothe the Soul

Those who know the staff at LSI will remember Abbie Headon from a couple of years ago, who was such a popular teacher at LSI.  We have all kept in touch, in part, due to the fact that Abbie's husband Jeremy continues to work at LSI.  Abbie left to return to her first love - Publishing.  For the last year or so she has been writing a book, reflecting her love of poetry and at the beginning of September it was published. To celebrate the occasion  Blackwells the book shop across the road to LSI held a book launch for her wonderful book  'Poetry First Aid Kit'.  All who attended (and there were many teachers in attendance) had a wonderful evening, with lovely food and drink supplied, lots of friends and readings from her book.  There was even a celebrity among the audience; Portsmouth's very own Poet Laureate Sam Cox, who wrote and performed a poem specially.

Abbie and her book

Poetry First Aid Kit

Abbies' LSI supporters: Joel, Ceri. Ed, Claire and Becky  
Des, Ed and Jeremy (Abbie's husband)
Ceri reading a poem from Abbie's book
Ed and Jeremy taking it in turns to
read a poem from Abbie's book
Des reading a poem from Abbie's book

Portsmouth's own Poet Laureate
 Sam Cox very kindly wrote
 a poem specially and
 came and performed
 for the audience.

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