Wednesday 9 July 2014

Giving Presentations at LSI Portsmouth - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly -

Over the last ten years, on the Executive side of the school, we have created most of our own in-house materials for our executive functional course programmes.  For a long time we have wanted to take this a little further.  At a recent workshop discussing our materials, we finally decided the time had come for us to make some of our own videos to use.  This is our Presentation skills video, that we will use to supplement our presentations courses.  Des (O'Keeffe)  took the lead role on this video, and took to acting like a duck to water.  Two of the audience (Ceri Tipler and Nick Ricard) are already wonderful actors and as you can see in the video do fabulous little cameos.  This is just the first of many that we hope to create, and we hope that it makes the learning process for the students even more special by being made by us for use in-house.

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