Thursday 8 January 2015

How Many Languages Can You Speak?

It's true to say that the teachers you find in a language school are probably a different breed to most workers you'll find anywhere else.  At LSI our particular teachers are a multi-talented group of artists, musicians, sporty people, entertainers and authors to mention just a few of the skills.  The question came up the other day 'what other languages do we all speak'?  So, we conducted a very quick (non scientific) survey of the 50 teachers available at the time, asking which languages they spoke in addition to English, at a level of low intermediate and above.  The languages spoken range from Arabic to Chinese!  As you can see from the results below, not only are we multi-talented, we are also massively multi-lingual!

Click on the picture to see full size

What is interesting to see is that, according to this (very interesting) article which talks about the average number of languages spoken by the EU population, as a group, we are by no means representative of the country we live in, and are in fact, way above average! Which is always nice to know! 

We'd love to hear your comments - how many languages do you speak? What are the advantages in speaking other languages? Which is the most beautiful language to listen to?

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