Monday 16 March 2015

Comic Relief at LSI Portsmouth

What is Red Nose Day and Comic Relief?
You may have seen normal people wearing red noses on Friday 13th March, and perhaps doing silly things. Wearing a red nose for the day may seem really odd, but Red Nose Day is in fact a big fundraising campaign that aims to raise money for a charity called Comic Relief. The idea behind Red Nose Day is simple; just buy and wear a red nose! The money raised helps people in need in the UK and also in Africa.

How did it start?
Comic Relief was started 30 years ago by the famous English scriptwriter Richard Curtis, and comedian Lenny Henry, who together decided to start Comic Relief as a response to the severe famine in Ethiopia. Their idea was to use comedy and laughter as a way to get people to donate money, and also to get across messages about social injustice in the world.

Every Red Nose Day, there is an evening telethon, full of live entertainment, comedy sketches, and also news reports that explain how the money raised will be spent. During the telethon, people from all over the country donate money, and the last Comic Relief in 2013 raised over £75 million!!

At LSI we wanted to do our bit to help, so we sold red nose cupcakes handcrafted by our fantastic interns  Thea and Marianna. These were sold at our Friday Leavers’ Ceremony and we managed to raise £125.16.  Thanks to all our students who bought a cake or donated some money; LSI are extremely happy to do our bit for this amazing cause.

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