Wednesday 19 August 2015

Kicking Off for a Good Cause

Last month, as part of the LSI Social Programme, we entered our very own football team into an 'all day' football tournament, to raise money for the Feel Yourself Campaign, which aims to promote awareness in younger men and women about the importance of checking for breast and testicular cancer. To say we were going in as the underdogs was certainly an understatement having never really played together before. However, the players were focused, ambitious, and ready to work hard. Our team comprised of:
Sercan (Turkey)
Thomas (Swiss German)
Patrick (Swiss German)
Basim (Saudi Arabia)
Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)
Oscar (Colombia)
Abdulrahman Kicking Off for a Goo(Saudi Arabia)
Kazuki (Japan)

The group also included one of our teachers, John Hick, who was the team manager, with Belle as photographer, and a whole group of fans. The team looked absolutely fantastic wearing our specially printed LSI Portsmouth t-shirts, in the school colour of royal blue, and after a 30 minute warm-up, the team were ready to play their first game.

For their first game, the team was quick-paced and eager, but their formation lacked structure and they required a stronger tactical approach. Under the shrewd coaching of the team manager, John, the team quickly found their footing, and managed to narrowly beat Rocker Soccer FC with a 2-1 result.

The team then went from strength to strength, with another win, an unfortunate narrow defeat, and finally a complete victory over Strong Island Records, defeating them 10-3!!! The huge goal difference from the last game meant that LSI Portsmouth came top of their league, and qualified for the semi-finals.

For our semi-final game, we faced ILDFC, and really put on an impressive performance. When the final whistle blew, it was a 3-3 draw, and the game went to a penalty shoot out. Our goalkeeper Sercan was incredible and managed to save a few shots, before going on to win the final penalty!!! (6-5 pens)

During the final game, the team were incredible, but again the game finished on a draw, and the team had to once again face a penalty shoot out. Although the team were so close to claiming victory, we had to settle for second place, being defeated by Tobacco Dock, 2-3 on penalties.
After the tournament, the crew headed to a local pub for a buffet, some drinks and to receive their 'runners up' medals. John even scooped the Manager of the Tournament award, which was thoroughly deserved. It was such a wonderful day out, a great opportunity for our students to meet local friends, and to raise money for a brilliant cause. To the LSI Portsmouth football team, well done for your amazing efforts, and for helping raise money for the Feel Yourself Campaign. Also, a huge well done to Sercan Temel, our goalkeeper, and Man of the Tournament!

To find out more about the charity, please visit

underdogs - A person / team expected to lose
understatement - saying something less than it is.
quick-paced - fast
formation - the assembly / arranging a group
structure - something built or constructed
shrewd - astute / perceptive
footing - established position / stability
impressive - admirable
claiming - to say it is a fact / to take it as a right
to settle - to agree / to accept
headed - a direction
runners up - to come in second place

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