Tuesday 26 January 2016

100% Pass Rate on Cambridge Proficiency Exam! - Not bad eh!

Many congratulations to our students who took the CPE exam at LSI in December – everyone passed!  Congratulations to Sarah, Noemi, Felizia, Claire, Pippa and Judith.  CPE is the highest level English qualification there is, so it’s an amazing achievement.  Well done everyone!

We started teaching CPE courses at LSI three years ago, and since then we have had an 
amazing 100% pass rate
 A big thank you to all our CPE teachers, especially our CPE expert, Alan, who has taught every CPE class we’ve had, and is famous for his amazing phrasal verb and idioms series of lessons!
From left: Judith, Noemi, Felizia, Claire, Pippa, Sarah.

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  1. Wow, I had missed this post, I am proud to be the part of LSI. Everyone talks about the phrasal verb and idioms lessons.
    Thank you,


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