Thursday 7 April 2016

Day One at a New School - Letter from a Newbie

Teachers reading this will know the feeling the day you start at a new school: Will I understand the systems? Will they be friendly? What resources will they have? Will I fit in? ...
We asked a new teacher who came to the school last year, to give us their views on what it was like to join LSI.    

"When starting to work at a new school, I always face the same teething problems. It take stime to adjust to the new timetable, administrative system, resources and in some cases teaching style. Thankfully, starting at LSI was a painless experience.

The timetable allows sufficient time for preparation, and the resources are abundant and well-organised. All of the staff have been welcoming, and have offered up suggestions and recommendations for lesson content and resources.

My previous job was at a school on London's Oxford Street, near the building site for Crossrail. The working environment at LSI couldn't be more different. It's nice to have sea views from classrooms rather than the constant sound of drilling!

Finally, it's nice to be a part of a team that is constantly developing. The school offers a lot of opportunities to teach various types of class, and supports teacher development. 

Overall, my first few months at the school have gone very smoothly and settling in has been pain-free."

Hopefully this will help any new teachers thinking of joining LSI in the future to feel a little more comfortable about starting.

Thank you new teacher (who preferred not to have his name published ;-)

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