Thursday 9 June 2016

Brand New at LSI Portsmouth - English Courses for Adults Over 30

If you are a little older and are looking for an English language stay in Portsmouth - this is the ideal option for you.

Our 30+ General English course is exclusively for adults aged 30 years and over; learn English with people your age in the south of England with one of the top language schools in the UK! The programme consists of morning classes with optional afternoon electives. It is a very flexible course so you can choose the option which best suits you, your language needs and your personal preferences: if you want to have English lessons in the morning and enjoy free afternoons, if you want a more intensive, full-time course or a course which combines language learning with British Culture.

At LSI Portsmouth, you will benefit from being in a school with: 

  • an excellent academic reputation 
  • top quality accommodation, from host families to self-catering residences to boutique hotels 
  • a full and varied social programme to help you meet new friends and make the most of our beautiful city 
  • great facilities and resources within the school, with access to extensive material on our Guided E-Learning platform 
  • a wonderful location by the sea with a rich cultural and historical heritage

British Culture, History and Portsmouth
Portsmouth has a rich historical and literary tradition, so as part of your English language stay in Portsmouth why not discover it in the company of one of our teachers? You can enjoy our city’s heritage while communicating in English.
What better way to discover local culture and improve your language at the same time?

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  1. That looks really interesting - nice brochure!

  2. Great idea! Sounds really interesting!

  3. Sounds excellent! I will have to return to try this course too.

  4. what a great idea! :)

  5. Looks great! I wish they'd offered something like this at the school I went to.

  6. This is something that would be perfect for me. Maybe the next time I come to England for study English this would be the right course for me!

  7. This sounds really interesting - especially the lessons about British Culture and Portsmouth! Really good idea.

  8. I have question, do you have any examples of 'optional afternoon electives'? I am very interested to know more about this course. I know your school of course, it has good reputation and my colleagues recommend I go to there, I am just interested to know more about these electives.

    1. Hi there. If you have a look on page 3 of the brochure link (above) you will some suggestions. It is very flexible and we are sure there will be something to appeal to everyone. If you would like more ideas or information please write to: and they can help you.

  9. Definitely I would love to try this course at the end of the year!I will check the website to get more information. thanks!!

  10. We look forward to welcoming you!

  11. I will join you soon


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