Tuesday 5 July 2016

Writing in the style of a magazine article part one - from our students.

Talking To Rosie

by Isabel Rolf

For the last two and a half years, the lovely Rosie has been the 'Director of Operations' for all the “things that happen in the non teaching part of the school”, she tells us.
Although she is clearly a really busy woman, she kindly gave us her time for a short interview.
We meet her in her office, surrounded by lots of papers and folders. Smiling in a way that makes us feel relaxed, this elegant and sporty woman welcomes us warmly.
Starting her career as an events manager, Rosie worked six months for Walt Disney World in Florida, where she learnt how to organise. Then she moved to Bristol for five years, working as a registrar where she could implement the theory she learnt when studying public relations in the North of England.
All the knowledge she gathered when working in these different jobs has helped her with the logistical side of LSI.
However, there is another life besides her job. Asking Rosie what’s important for her, she answers that sport plays an important part in her life. “You will normally see me hobbling around”, she says. Actually she likes playing tennis and doing Boot Camp, which is “really hard but really good”, she mentions. From what she says, Rosie seems to be a very dynamic woman who needs a valve to release her huge reserves of energy. Obviously she found this valve in doing Boot Camp where she gets shouted at while doing her exercise.
The other important pillar in her life is her family, like a haven where she can find support coming back from travelling.
On the subject of travelling, Rosie has seen many countries from different continents such as North America, South America and Europe. Expecting her to speak several languages she admits not being able to speak any others well apart from English. Her biggest regret is having given up learning languages at sixteen, when she had to decide on her speciality at high school. “My mother told me to continue studying languages because I was good at it, but, you know, in this age teens don’t want to listen to their mothers…. I should have done it.”

Isabel Rolf

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