Friday 9 December 2016

Sad Farewells - Really Lovely Students Say Goodbye

Just about 100% of our students are the loveliest people in the world.  This really is one of the absolute best jobs in the world for meeting such interesting, funny, sweet, kind people from all over the world.
Two of these students left today after quite a considerable time with us.

Hani Almeghem who has been with us since March. Hani has been on both the General English courses and the Executive courses.
Today he brought in the most amazing chocolate cake with white chocolate (instead of marzipan) and icing on top of that. The cake had photos all over it of the people he has had the most contact with while he was here.  Such a lovely kind gesture, and it was VERY much appreciated by all who were there ;-)

Next is Severin Hug from Switzerland.  Severin left to go elsewhere to study but decided to come back because he just wasn't enjoying it as much as he had when he was here.  He did a little video interview with Csili to explain why he made that decision.

Sadly, today was the last day for both these guys.  Our lives have been richer for knowing them, and we will really notice them not being here.
All the very best Hani and Severin (and all the other lovely students who left today).

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