Thursday 1 December 2016

The LSI Portsmouth Bake Off - Super Yummy


At LSI, we are really passionate about fundraising, and have held many charity events over the years to help raise money for some wonderful causes. From fun runs to parties, we have organised many events, and on Thursday 1st December, we held our annual ‘Great LSI Bake Off’ to raise money for a local charity called ‘Home-Start

We decided that as it’s the first day of advent, we wanted the cakes to be Christmas themed! We were completely overwhelmed with the effort that was put into the cakes and pies! There were Rudolph the reindeer cupcakes, Christmas Dinner Pie, snow-covered banana loaf and a strawberry Santa tiramisu (to name a few)!!! Three members of staff were lucky enough to be the judges of the baking competition, and got to try a piece of every single one! They certainly weren’t disappointed! The entries were judged on both taste and appearance.

After the judging took place, all the staff and students were invited to buy all the cakes and pies! A really fun and exciting experience. Some students even bought 5 different things to eat!

The winners to be announced during the weekly leavers’ ceremony, with Anna Rita’s Santa Strawberry Tiramisu winning the top prize on both taste and appearance! Well done Anna, your tiramisu was AMAZING!

We are so impressed with all our staff for baking such wonderful cakes, and we are also extremely grateful to our students for helping us raise so much money! By lunchtime, we had raised over £150!

As well as our bake sale, the school is also organising a charity night at The Edge of the Wedge, with live music and DJs. Four of our incredibly talented teachers are in a band ‘The Uncountables’ and will be performing tonight for staff and students. We have sold all 100 tickets, so we know it’s going to be a crazy and amazing night. 

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  1. Looking good! Great idea to enjoy delicious food, donate to charity and a happy judge/principal :)
    Best wishes from the Netherlands,
    Erika StudyTravel


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