Thursday 12 January 2017

BRAND NEW - New Logo for 2017

LSI Portsmouth has decided to start the New Year with a new-look logo, just to refresh our brand image a little as we begin 2017.

So – why, you may ask, have we decided to do this? Well, firstly many of our students and also agency partners around the world having been telling us for some time that our old logo 
was old-fashioned and needed to change and that 3-dimensional logos are something rarely used these days if you want to appear modern. So, we wanted to appear as modern as we feel we are! Also, in the marketing world, experts often repeat the mantra that you should refresh your brand and image at least every 5 years or run the risk of not appearing current and up-to-date.

We realised we had two options if we were going to do this:

1. To get a totally new logo with no connection to our past in look or image

2. To base a new logo on the past logo, but change it in certain aspects

So we took advice from agencies and other schools and asked for tips and also contacts for who might be good at taking a fresh look at our logo. We were pointed towards a website where many designers would take your brief – what you were trying to achieve, who your business is, what the core values and ethos of the school is, etc. – and then create logos in competition with each other and the one you pick is paid once you’ve made your decision. Although there were many very nice designs, we didn’t feel that any of them was quite what we were looking for.

We then asked two companies who are already working with us and have done nice design work for us already to have a try and one of them came up with different colour versions of what would eventually become our new logo for 2017 – this one:

What we understood that we wanted to do through the process was to actually build on the past, not break with it, so this informed the final decision. LSI Portsmouth has a long and well-known history and also had a recognisable image, whether people liked the logo or not. So we wanted to keep that connection to the past, not say we are entirely different, but to show that we are evolving over time, modernising if you like, not rejecting the past entirely. I think it’s important to know not just where you want to go, but also where you’ve come from and to incorporate that thinking was the final inspiration for the decisions we took.

With a new logo and also a new website, which is coming soon in 2017, we hope to attract more potential students and clients to our website and to encourage more people to come and study at LSI Portsmouth. These days, in times of increased competition and tougher market conditions for attracting students to come and study in the UK, it’s not enough to be a great school, which I know we are, we have to get people to know about us and be attracted to finding out more about us in the first place. A rebrand and new website will, we hope, put many more students in touch with us, who will then want to book a course with us.

The new logo we have chosen will, we hope, connect those that have known us a long time with our long-standing reputation, but also show we are moving forward, not standing still. We retain that symbolic link in our logo with speech marks to encapsulate in essence what it is we do, which is facilitate better communication. At least – that’s what we hope we do, amongst many other things. We hope you like it! Please ‘like’ it below if you do J’

Best wishes to you all

Andrew and the team at LSI Portsmouth

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