Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why You'll Love Learning English in Portsmouth

Why You'll Love Learning English in Portsmouth

Recently we made a little video in which our students explained why they liked LSI Portsmouth.  In this new video our wonderful students give their honest opinions on what they think about the city itself, talking about the seafront, the people and the size. Definitely worth watching!! 

It’s never easy trying to decide where to study your English, which city to stay in. Do you want a lively city with lots of shopping? Are you looking for a place with exciting nightlife? Do you prefer the countryside or do you want to be on the coast by the sea?  We know we are biased, but we have to say the South of England is probably the best option. 

There are benefits to all the above options.  London has a lot to offer, with museums, world-renowned shopping and exciting nightlife. But of course, a big anonymous city isn’t for everyone. 

The students in our video above all chose to come to Portsmouth and listening to the reasons why it is clear that a smaller city was more to their liking.  When you are studying there is already a lot to concentrate on. 

If you have decided to stay for a few months to study your English, then it is great to have things to keep you occupied at the weekend, it isn’t ALL about studying English.  That’s one of the great things about Portsmouth, it is so central to so many things. Because we are in Hampshire, and we are on the coast we have access to so many things to do and see. If you decide to learn English in Hampshire, there are many benefits. From Portsmouth we are about an hour away from London by train, about the same from Bath, Brighton and Winchester, which are all really interesting to visit for different reasons.  Our social programme organises trips to all these places and many more at the weekend.

One of the advantages of staying in Portsmouth, which quite a few of the students above mentioned is that Portsmouth city is not huge, it’s a very manageably sized city. It’s easy to get your bearings and understand where everything is quite quickly. Obviously, we have some streets where all the houses look the same, and it can get a little confusing at first, but you soon learn how to tell the difference ;-)  

Being by the sea really gives the city a sense of freedom.  Looking out over the Solent gives a real sense of complete liberty, breathing in the sea air, knowing you are right on the edge of the country.  Whether the weather is good or bad there is always something to see. On a sunny day, so many people go for a stroll or even a paddle (the brave ones swim). When it’s grey and misty, people wrap up and still go for a walk.  It is really lovely to look over to the Isle of Wight and know that it is just 10 minutes by hovercraft to visit such a beautiful place.

So, if you want to study English in a great environment, be able to visit so many of the historic and beautiful places that Hampshire and the surrounds have to offer, be close to the sea, Portsmouth could well be the best choice.

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