Thursday 11 May 2017

How Learning English And Having Fun Can Go Hand In Hand

Our 30+ courses are proving incredibly popular and if you read teacher Neil's account below, you can see why.

How To Learn English Easily And Enjoy The Experience!

Mariko, Bruna and Lilli
 As part of the 30+ course we had a yoga class taken by one of our students, Bruna. Bruna is from Brazil, and is studying at LSI to improve her English before she starts a yoga teaching qualification in London. What better way to prepare, than teaching her first ever yoga class? The other students had never done yoga before, but were very keen to give it a go. So, we converted our classroom with a set of LSI yoga mats, and put on our gym clothes in excited anticipation for Bruna’s instruction.

What followed was beyond anything we could have imagined. Bruna led us through a set of beginner yoga positions like the cobra, the mountain pose and the down dog for an hour. As I had never done yoga before I was surprised at how difficult it was, and how inflexible I am. Despite this, I found it really positive for my mind and body. Also, it was the first time I had taught a class whilst laying on a mat, standing on one foot, or doing stomach crunches. This was also rewarding, as it meant we were learning language in a real life context, and we managed to improve our use of imperatives and prepositions.

 Neil Powney

“Being able to share something I love with my classmates and teacher made me incredibly happy, and very satisfied with LSI.” (Bruna, from Brazil)

“My knowledge of yoga was completely overturned after my first lesson. I thought yoga was to relax and to find your balance. In fact, it’s hard work. But I felt very well after that and it awakened an interest for yoga in me and just feeling your body. I like it!” (Mariko, from Japan)

I have done yoga for the last six years. Actually yoga is a good way to release your mind after working or studying a lot. During this class you learn a lot of vocabulary of the whole body, you relax your mind and have a stretching workout. I suggest that everyone tries yoga.” (Lisa, from Germany)

Our 30+ Courses:

Our 30+ General English courses are exclusively for adults aged 30 years or more.  Students can learn English with people of their own age in the lovely surroundings of the south of England in one of the UK’s top language schools. The course is very flexible as can be seen above. Students can study just in the morning if they wish and then enjoy visiting places of historic interest here in Portsmouth, or just wander along the sea, or go shopping at one of the shopping centres here. Of course afternoon classes are available also, it’s all about personal choice and preference.
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  1. This looks like a really fun lesson! :)

  2. What a brilliant and fun way to learn English!!! Way to go Neil and LSI :-)

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