Tuesday 12 March 2013

The Best Ways to Find a Job in Portsmouth


With the introduction of the new Job Club clinic that we are holding on Fridays, we thought it would useful to have some suggestions on this page for where to look for current positions of temporary / part time / seasonal jobs in the Portsmouth area.

One of the absolute best ways to find work is to follow us on twitter and look for our list of jobs in Portsmouth (see below)
Probably the first place people look is the Portsmouth Evening News (either the paper edition or the online edition)

Another good source is an online site called Indeed:

Gunwharf is always a popular area for evening and seasonal work


Of course the most current way to find up to date vacancies is to join Twitter and type in #portsmouthjobs

To help you further we have a list of who to follow and who has jobs in the Portsmouth area - follow us on twitter and look for our Portsmouth Jobs List

Don't forget to follow us on twitter


and then look for our list of people to follow who tweet about jobs in Portsmouth


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  1. It is important to make the most of the resources you have when looking for a job. A lot of people wouldn't think of using twitter so it is brilliant that you have included this as an option.


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