Wednesday 17 December 2014

That was 2014 - Wow

What an amazing 2014 we have had at LSI Portsmouth.  Here is a quick run down of some of the best stories of the year:

We started the year off with promotions, a new Exams Director of Studies, a new Pre-sessional Course Manager and a new Assistant Director of Studies for GE and Exams, a Pre-sessional Logistics Co-ordinator, Pre-sessional Support and a Quality Assurance Manager! We got an amazing new coffee machine in the exec centre.  We have always provided filter coffee for our exec students but now they had the ability to have fantastic coffee as if they had a coffee shop on the premises.
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In the month of love, G Boutique won an award, and LSI added another self catering student house to the stable.
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In March, we had a very successful cake sale, and we added Instagram to our Social media - which is proving very popular, students  can see pictures of their school and Portsmouth all in one place.
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Well what a month this was!  We launched our brand new Guided E Learning site, Andrew our Principal went to Australia, but the most popular of all the events in April was our Happy video, celebrating the United Nations 'Day of happiness' with Pharrel Williams' song Happy. We had such fun! (and the video has now had over 3000 views!)
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This month saw a lot of interviews with staff, students and a football team, and the announcement that we were now supporting the Rowans Hospice in their efforts.
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Wow, June! We had a fly past by the Red Arrows, a photo competition, our new study centre was opened, and our video showcasing Portsmouth was published - which is also very popular with 6500 views so far!
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We launched our first Business function video, started an art club, had a whole bunch of teachers and staff graduate, and welcomed Belle our new General Social Programme Organizer to the school.
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We set aside August as a month to support a very special student's charity Auxilia, had our first Rooftop Interview, and had a British Council Inspection - Everyone in the school can remember that! But for fun, Jon D's class made a song video.
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September was a quieter month as everyone was able to relax a little after the inspection. Pre-sessional students finished their courses, work experience girls from reception left (we were very sad) and one of our ex students had his final art exhibition.
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Some great taxi drivers from Japan left and made everyone laugh at their leaving ceremony, a fantastic interview with Roy the LSI football captain and LSI student, and we were voted joint first as the top executive centre in UK. (Celebrations all round for that one).
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An amazing Halloween party, Nicki P left to have a baby, five of our teachers started studying in-house for their DELTA, another three of the staff started studying for the Diplomas in English Language Teaching Management, and a lovely video about the difference between weddings in Bangladesh and England.
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We said goodbye to Roy (the football captain) the nights drew in which meant wonderful sunsets from the roof and our final quicktip of the year came from Jon D.
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So, that was 2014, a very eventful year.  We hope next year is as much fun, and wish everyone a peaceful, happy and healthy 2015.

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